Tech Solutions is a leading global on-demand protection company based in Hong Kong, with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, France, China and the US, and strategic partners to address the local markets in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and UK.

Partnering with the most trusted leaders in the industry, Tech Solutions aims to provide full body protection for all types of devices with the best protection and the unique premium look while improving the touch of the devices.

Our work culture emphasizes on transparent, fair, ethical dealings with the sole goal of ensuring sustainable growth & profitability for our associates, partners & ourselves, working in harmony.

We work diligently to find and use the least harmful products in safest most responsible way possible and reducing as much packaging as possible.

Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry resulting in a well established network of connections and relationships. Backed by a team of experienced and multi-cultural workforce, we have built solid relationships with all channels – suppliers, manufacturers, retail partners, corporate customers, operators/carriers and strategic partners. By establishing these relationships and network, we are able to provide value to each of our partners/stakeholders along the supply chain.

Also, with our Global extensive network, strategic partnership across the region as well as multi-cultural workforce, we are able to bring our suppliers’ products and services into the market in a global, effective and efficient manner.